Make sure to snatch some time after a hard game or two and unwind at the Lagoon - our marine - feel bar. It'll take you to the depths of blue, and above all, make you feel like an old sailor in midsea.


When not playing, get ready to drive up to a sumptuous course altogether in Stir Crazy - a fusion restaurant in its own class. Indulge in cuisines from the heart of the Orient to Italy . In an ambience that's essentially appetising.


An open - air barbecue, Samba's Grill, can actually stir up your culinary imaginings. Flirt with Continental delicacies or order your favourite tandoori dish. Ideal for your lazy weekends.


Golden Crust will actually beckon your palate for more. Drop by to savour real tasty baked delicacies. French pastries, apfelstrudels, malayniugats, Swiss Cakes, you name it, get pampered with it.


Loftily nestled among a colonnade of trees, One Happy Cloud - our open-air cafe, makes you wish time stop for while. Drink with your eyes the droplets of moments, and immerse yourself in perfect harmony with the nature.

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